CM Kejriwal at a gaushala in Bawana, Friday

Hitting out at the BJP-ruled municipal corporations in the capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that those who ask for votes in the name of cow do not even provide fodder to them. Kejriwal Friday visited the Shri Krishna Gaushala in Bawana, which is the biggest in the city and is run by the government.

The CM prayed to a cow at the shelter, but said that the Aam Aadmi Party does not ask for votes in the name of the cow.

“We don’t do politics in the name of the cow. We don’t ask for votes on its name. We serve cows. I believe no one should ask for votes in the name of the cow,” he said.

Members of the trust that run the cow shelter said that the North Delhi Municipal Corporation has not given the organisation its share of funds for two years, leading to problems in its functioning.


“As per court orders, the corporation catches cattle while cow shelters are managed by Delhi government. For every animal the corporation has to give Rs 20 and equal amount by Delhi government is provided for fodder. Around 16 crore is due in past two years, which we have not paid to the two authorised gaushalas running in our jurisdiction. The East body has also not paid the due amount for some time while the South body has paid its share. This is due to financial crisis that North and East bodies are facing,” said a senior North corporation officer. Kejriwal, meanwhile, said he will be visiting cow shelters in Haryana next week. The party has kicked off its Lok Sabha campaign in the state.

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